Lunch Celebrates Final Year

17 October 2019

On Friday 11 October we were delighted to host a lunch for Upper Sixth mums. Despite the blustery weather outside, the atmosphere inside was warm and jovial as we enjoyed a delicious meal, prepared by our fabulous catering team.

Mrs Hutchinson assured parents of the school's unfailing support of their daughters in their final, and most important, year at Woldingham and wished them every success with their university applications and upcoming A Level exams. She also illustrated how leaving families might choose to support the school’s bursary programme through the re-gifting of their original deposit, or a percentage of it, to offer the opportunity of a Woldingham education to the next generation of girls coming behind their daughters. For more information about the re-gifting of your deposit please contact me at

Thank you to all those able to join us for the lunch and also to those families who’ve already chosen to make a gift of their deposit to the bursary programme. We are very grateful for your support.

Mrs Camilla Mair, Development Manager

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