Super Performances at Junior Choir Festival

Super Performances at Junior Choir Festival

16 October 2019

Well done to Hornsby House School for winning this year’s Junior Choir Festival with a fantastic performance of Blowin’ In The Wind. Choirs from eight primary and prep schools came to Woldingham on Tuesday 15 October for a great afternoon and early evening of music and drama workshops and performances. The schools were: Oakhyrst Grange, Eaton House The Manor, St Francis’ Catholic Primary, Cumnor House for Girls, Hornsby House, St David’s, Newton Prep and The Roche.  More than 250 parents, grandparents and friends watched the finale where each school performed their chosen piece in the Millennium Centre auditorium and also sang as a whole group, putting into action some of what they had learned over the afternoon. Each choir was fantastic, making it a hard job for adjudicator Jozik Kotz, to pick a winner.

One prep school teacher said the Junior Choir Festival was one of their highlights of the year and Woldingham always provides an excellent afternoon of activities for their pupils.

Thank you to all the students and Ribbons who helped host the choirs. It was a wonderful event with many happy memories for the Year 5 and 6 pupils who spent the afternoon at the school.

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