Great opportunity for Sixth Form at Networking Breakfast

Great opportunity for Sixth Form at Networking Breakfast

16 October 2019

Students in the Upper Sixth were able to hone their networking skills on Wednesday 15 October in the first of the two Networking Breakfasts this term. The second takes place in November for the other half of the Upper Sixth.  Networking and communication skills are important skills whatever career a student chooses.

Thanks to the parents and alumna who helped make the networking breakfast a great success: Matthew Arnold, Rosemary Bennett, Dr Sui Phin Kon, Helen Senior, Peter van Tiggelen, Andrea Wareham, Marcus Wareham and Nicky Waskett Bannister. Not only did they offer perspectives from their own professions, which include finance, HR, communications, marketing, medicine and journalism, they provided advice on the essential skills you need in the workplace such as resilience, positivity and creativity.

As part of our Futures Programme, we are running a Women and the Workplace panel discussion for students in the Lower Sixth on 19 November over breakfast. Parents of Lower Sixth students are invited to attend too.  If you are able to join us, or if there are any parents willing and able to share their skills and expertise at future events or to offer work experience opportunities, please contact Mrs Bodil Chambers, Head of Higher Education and Careers.

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