Digby House Feast

Digby House Feast

4 October 2019

On Thursday 3 October Digby had its annual House Feast. It started with Mass in the school Chapel, with some beautiful hymns and readings from the House Captains, and then onto Marden for the feast itself. We had an Under The Sea theme, complete with fish bowls and personalised messages in bottles which gave students small challenges to complete on iPads, such as “take a video of everyone on the table doing their best fish impression” and “get a selfie with Mr Ross”. A Digby House Feast would not have been complete without the impromptu dance, and this year was no different with students managing to drag a few members of staff up to join them! Thank you very much to everyone from the Woldingham community who was involved in making it a success – from the caretakers hanging ‘bubbles’ from the ceiling, to the amazing catering team, to the heads of table at the feast – you were all amazing and we couldn’t have run it without you.

 Mr Tom Rattle, Lucy & Ciamhé, Head of House & House Captains

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