Sacred Heart Student Leaders Conference

Sacred Heart Student Leaders Conference

2 October 2019

On Thursday 27 September, Woldingham hosted the annual Leading from the Heart Conference. We welcomed Head and Deputy Head Girls and Boys and Sacred Heart Ribbons/prefects from the English Network of Sacred Heart Schools: Sacred Heart High School Hammersmith, Sacred Heart High School Fenham and Beechwood Sacred Heart School, Tunbridge Wells.

The two-day conference saw students reflecting upon their own leadership qualities and identifying areas they would like to develop. They also took part in a number of lighthearted leadership challenges that developed skills as well as giving them an opportunity to socialise with their peers in schools that hold the same values. A particular highlight that really encouraged the students to work together in teams was the Sacred Heart Treasure Hunt, during the course of which Shine Jesus Shine was given an upbeat tempo by two groups who both found time to choreograph and perform their own interpretive dances to the hymn.

The conference also allowed time for the Student Leaders to plan for the year ahead and explore ways of responding to issues they may well encounter during their time of service. The two days were filled with laughter and joy, interspersed with periods of purposeful focus and quiet reflection.

Mr Adrian Ross, Head of Theology and Sacred Heart Coordinator

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