House Festival 2019

House Festival 2019

12 September 2019

House Festival got the new academic year off to a colourful start on the first Saturday of term.  It was a fantastic opportunity to welcome new House members and for everyone to really get to know one another whilst creating some fabulously inventive House performances, as our House Captains describe:

Duchesne united to create our House Festival performance, with the theme ‘Goldilocks in the Australian Outback’. It was a very challenging day as we only had four hours to put everything together. However, everyone worked extremely hard and showcased their talents through singing, dancing, acting and art. Although we did not win, the House spirit and atmosphere in our rehearsals and final performance was incredible and it wonderful to see girls from every year coming together with such enthusiasm. As House Captains, we are extremely proud of everything our house achieved, and especially grateful to those who helped us organise and manage a very long day!​

Poppy and Georgie, Duchesne House Captains

Every year the whole school looks forward to House Festival as it is an amazing and unique event where the whole House gets to put on a performance as a joint effort. As House Captains it is so nice to see the whole house working so hard together on our theme, “The Three Little Pigs in the Sahara Desert”. Despite the short time frame, we taught the whole house a song and a dance while the Lower Sixth worked hard with our new Year 7s on a dance and a fashion show. Excellent teamwork meant that Digby pulled everything together and gave an excellent performance, full of enthusiasm. We are so proud of everyone who worked so hard to learn the routines, helped with tech and making costumes, and sang and danced their socks off!   House Festival really is a reminder of what a privilege it is to be in a school where there are students and teachers who are so committed to making events like these so special.

Lucy and Ciamhe, Digby House Captains

The two themes Stuart House were given were Snow White and the Himalayas. Despite this unusual and challenging combination, our House became one and together we successfully showed our harmony and great talents. As House Captains we had the responsibility to organise and prepare for this long-awaited event, delving into the creative parts of our minds in order to create a performance which not only included the theme given, but also the school’s Sacred Heart goals. This event truly illustrated what blues are all about and we are forever thankful for all the help, smiles and perseverance presented on the day.

Fede and Fasai, Stuart House Captains

Winning our final House Festival was an incredible feeling. Our theme was ‘Hansel and Gretel in the North Pole’ which required a huge amount of creativity to put together a smooth running storyline with added dances, songs and incredible artwork. Everyone in Barat worked extremely hard to pull off a terrific performance with complete commitment and enthusiasm, whether it be the dance, song, fashion show or acting. The atmosphere when performing was outstanding and as Barat House Captains we are thankful to everyone who helped and participated to make the day one to remember.​

Sparkle and Mide, Barat House Captains

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