Classroom to Boardroom

Classroom to Boardroom

9 September 2019

In July, a team of twenty girls took part in Woldingham’s first ‘Classroom to Boardroom’ programme. We were set a real business challenge by Kantar, the world’s leading data, insights and consulting company, which centred around modernising their benefits package to attract potential Generation Z employees. We were given just three days in which to do our research and come up with our recommendations before facing Global Executives in the boardroom!

We divided our group into four sub-teams - Innovation, Marketing, Finance and Market Research - and set to work, keeping business hours. Listening to the very positive feedback of the Kantar Executives, after delivering our presentation in a stunning meeting room overlooking the Thames, we were struck by the enormity of what we had accomplished under such pressure and truly proud of what we had achieved together.

During these four days we really bonded as a group and learnt a great deal about bravery and putting yourself forward for new experiences, however scary. I am extremely grateful to the school and to Kantar for this amazing opportunity and will cherish the memories of those exciting days.

Corinna, Upper Sixth

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