Theology Trip to Canterbury

Theology Trip to Canterbury

27 June 2019

On Tuesday, Year 8 went on a Theology trip to Canterbury to visit the Cathedral and St Augustine’s Abbey. Starting at the Cathedral, the girls learnt about its historic importance and the murder of Thomas Beckett - standing on the spot where he was murdered. The girls have been studying Pilgrimages this year and got to re-enact the way in which many pilgrims in the medieval period approached the shrine of Thomas Becket, climbing steps on their knees and praying on each step as they approached the site.

The girls then went to the historic Pizza Express, where there was a priest hole in which we were tempted to hide Father Gerry. However, unlike Henry II, we decided we didn’t want to be rid of our own “troublesome priest” and instead continued on foot to St Augustine’s Abbey. Here the girls saw the impact of the Reformation on the religious orders and learnt about the coming of Christianity to England, including the importance of Augustine. A great day out in the sunshine!

Mr Chris Kellaway, Teacher of Theology

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