Reading from Debut Novel

Reading from Debut Novel

27 June 2019

Both staff and students were very excited to receive a visit from former Woldingham teacher Roy Peachey on Monday 24 June, the day his first novel was published. Called ‘Between Darkness and Light’, the book is set in Shanghai in 1900 and is about a one-eyed Chinese boy called Wang Weijun who becomes a translator for the Chinese Labour Corps at the outbreak of the First World War. What he discovers in France soon jolts him out of his admiration for the West…

Already a successful author of several non-fiction books, Roy told the audience what prompted him to write his first novel, and explained the publication process, before reading an enthralling section from it. Copies were available to buy, hot off the press, and we were able to have them signed by the author himself!

Ms Amanda Owens, Library Manager

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