Marden Cross-Curricular Week 2019

Marden Cross-Curricular Week 2019

26 June 2019

The theme for Marden’s Cross-Curricular Week this year was “Earth”; this was explored in a variety of ways in lessons, including:

  • Estimating Woldingham’s daisy/buttercup populations using quadrats (Year 7) and looking at metal extraction from the Earth (Year 8 ) - Science
  • Exploring and analysing the Papal Encyclical Laudato Si (Care for our Common Home) - Theology
  • Researching poetry and prose on the subject of nature and climate change, and undertaking writing after a nature walk in the grounds – English
  • Measuring significant places on our site - Maths
  • Exploring ancient mythology, attitudes and science to do with the Earth – Latin
  • Looking at the different ways Computer Science is being used to research or improve areas of the Earth.
  • Making wearable sculptures using recycling materials inspired by music and Bauhaus (Year 7) and making clay pots (Year 8) - Art
  • Devising a game that can be played using recycled products - PE

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