Year 9 French Trip

Year 9 French Trip

17 June 2019

Last week we went on the school French trip. After a long journey on the Eurostar, we met our host families and went to see where we were staying. We were a bit nervous at first, but they were really nice and friendly. On Monday, we went to a nearby theme park, which was a lot of fun. On Tuesday, we experienced a day in a French school. The school was very small, but everyone was very welcoming and all the students were extremely nice. It really helped us as we had to talk and listen in French throughout the day.

Over the next few days, we continued to have amazing trips and activities during the day, and spent lots of time with our host families in the evenings. Overall, it was a fantastic week and we feel as though we have learnt a lot, while having loads of fun. Our French has improved massively from this immersion into the French lifestyle and we have a more confident understanding of the language. We would recommend it to anyone wanting to practise their French skills as it is an amazing experience.

Rosie and Tati, Year 9

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