Head of Art Exhibits at Brockley Open Studios

Head of Art Exhibits at Brockley Open Studios

13 June 2019

I am delighted to be exhibiting at Brockley Open Studios (BOS) this summer. BOS has been providing a platform for local artists to promote, celebrate and sell their work since 1992 and it has been a pleasure to live and work within this diverse creative community.

Alongside making my own work, I have been super busy preparing Woldingham students for their GCSEs and A Levels. It is such a rewarding experience to challenge and engage with young people, covering a vast array of topics and ideas, and this certainly feeds into my practice. I often discuss with students the challenges I am encountering within a piece of work, as I feel it is hugely important that they see I am on a learning journey too.

I work in an array of media and processes, including drawing, ceramics, painting and print. I am interested in creating playful and sinister narratives between disconnected objects, often placing them within complex, shifting spaces. Drills from a 1920s dental station sit alongside Greek votives, boiler parts and prosthetic limbs. Mouths smile, grids contain, and hands push and pull. We question the situation and the purpose of the objects - will they hurt, repair, laugh, silence, heal? To whom do the hands and mouths belong?

I am a real magpie, a collector of curiosities and a photographer of the unusual and the mundane. The Wellcome Collection continues to be a great resource for my work. Discordant objects sit alongside each other, revealing their stories, creating new conversations and avenues to explore. They become tangible insights into the past: a revelation of knowledge, ignorance, power, control, faith and hope. Making work for this exhibition has been an exciting journey and I do hope that you are able to visit me at my studio in July!

Saturday 6 July 2-8pm
Sunday 7 July 2-8pm
Monday 8 July 5-8 pm

Miss Lottie Reay, Head of Art



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