New Writing Award for Drama Scholars

New Writing Award for Drama Scholars

22 May 2019

On Wednesday 8 May, a group of sixteen Drama scholars (fourteen on stage and two working as lighting and sound technicians) performed their reworking of Alice in Wonderland, Alice 13, at the Leatherhead Drama Festival. The performance was very well received by the adjudicator, who praised the girls’ clarity of characterisation and staging and costume choices, and we were delighted to win the New Writing Award for our adaptation.

“My experience with Alice 13 was full of fun colours, learning new skills and creating an incredible world of creatures and parties on stage. You really felt you were part of a dream.” Lucy, Year 9.

“Being part of the Alice team was brilliant. I loved learning new skills - using props for one thing and then transforming them into something else, or quickly changing from one character to another with a small change in costume or voice. Across the year groups, we worked so well together and that shone out from the stage. We all knew the story of Alice, but the modern twist made the whole play relevant to right now." Belle, Year 8.

After a well-earned rest, the scholars plan to revive this production for the Woking Drama Festival early in the next academic year.

Mrs Emma Love, Assistant Director of Drama


Photos by Mark Turner / @MarkMakesPhotos

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