Upper Sixth Leavers' Mass

Upper Sixth Leavers' Mass

17 May 2019

On Monday 13 May we celebrated Upper Sixth Leavers’ Mass in the School Chapel; our Sacred Heart Ribbon, Winifred, led the procession of leavers carrying roses, which is part of the Sacred Heart tradition, symbolising innocence and love and being joined in prayer with Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

During Mass we listened to reflections from Lily, Head Girl, and Winifred, both of whom spoke movingly of how they had enjoyed their time at Woldingham, grown together as a group of students who care for and love one another and how the close bonds they have established will stay with them as they move on in different directions in the future.

In the readings we listened to, the Prophet Jeremiah reminded us of our uniqueness as individuals;  St Paul challenged us to use our gifts and talents with selflessness, gentleness and patience as we are called to serve; and the Gospel from St John encouraged us “to love one another” by our words and actions. The challenge is to celebrate our individuality and uniqueness, to use our own gifts and talents wisely in serving the needs of others, and to make love the keystone of our lives.

At the end of Mass the students were presented with a candle to take away so that their “light” may shine out for all to see and that they may be generous in their love for others and share what they have with those who have nothing.  The students were encouraged to take the light into the world and, in the words of St Madeleine Sophie Barat, “Be humble, be simple and bring joy to others”.

After Mass, there was a reception in Main House and the students enjoyed a fun filled evening before heading off to prepare for their forthcoming examinations.  I would like to thank the students who are leaving for all that they have done to make Woldingham a very special community. May the Lord bless them with joy, happiness and peace in the future.

 Fr Gerry Devlin, Chaplain

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