Squabbling Sisters entertain and educate

Squabbling Sisters entertain and educate

27 March 2019

On Monday afternoon, those of us studying German in Years 7 to 11 had the opportunity of improving our language skills, as the Onatti Theatre Company came to Woldingham to put on a performance of So Eine Nervensäge (What a Nuisance).

The play was about Lydia and her irritating younger sister, Hannah. Lydia is busy preparing for a date, but her annoying sibling keeps getting in the way, resulting in frustration for Lydia and hilarity for the audience. The German was simple for all ages to understand, so everyone could join in and interact with the play, and the actors were adroit at making it clear and easy to follow through their body language and expressions. Stella, from Year 7, found herself on stage with a starring role as Hannah’s friend, taking part in a game of darts and stealing Lydia’s secret diary! I found the play very relatable and a great delight to watch.

Amber, Year 9

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