Lily and Grace appear on BBC One

Lily and Grace appear on BBC One

26 March 2019

As part of my Higher Sports Leadership qualification, I, and some of my fellow Sixth Formers, work with the Orpheus Centre – a local college that builds the confidence and skills of young disabled adults through the performing arts. For two hours each week, we lead sports sessions with some of the lovely students there. I have thoroughly enjoyed working at the Orpheus Centre - not only has it improved my leadership skills, but has also been an immensely rewarding experience, a big eye opener, and I have made many new friends.

The students at the Orpheus Centre are really talented, so the BBC's The One Show recently came and did a feature on them and Grace and I were lucky enough to be asked to give our thoughts on their performance. It was amazing to be on the BBC and I am so proud I got to do it alongside the gifted Orpheus students!

Lily, Lower Sixth

Lily, Grace and the Orpheus Centre featured on The One Show on 20 March 2019.  To watch the show, click here.

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