Carnival of the Animals - a concert for spring

Carnival of the Animals - a concert for spring

25 March 2019

Thursday’s Spring Concert was entitled Carnival of the Animals and, unsurprisingly, it featured a selection of the movements from Saint-Saëns’s 1886 suite of the same name, played by the Symphony Orchestra. Each movement was preceded by Ogden Nash’s accompanying humorous verse, beautifully read by Music Ribbon, Georgia, and featured two super solos: from Charlotte on trombone for The Elephant and, by contrast, The Swan cello solo from Sophie.

The rest of the animal kingdom was not forgotten as the Junior Choir sang a medley from Cats, Amaris performed The Seal Lullaby and the Scholars’ Ensemble treated us to Flight of the Bumblebee. We also enjoyed a very moving rendition of The Kestrel’s Song from the whole of Year 7. They were accompanied by the Senior Choir, who also took on the work of Ogden Nash, this time set to music in fittingly amusing fashion. We learned that, ‘The song of canaries. Never varies. And when they’re moulting. They’re pretty revolting’.

Spring itself appeared in the programme in the form of Vivaldi’s lovely concerto, played by the Chamber Orchestra, featuring a wonderful solo by Nicole.

It was a fabulous evening full of talent and emotion.

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