Emily takes to the Glyndbourne Stage

Emily takes to the Glyndbourne Stage

19 March 2019

I auditioned for Glyndebourne Youth Opera when I was 13; I had always loved singing, acting and performing, so becoming part of GYO sounded like the perfect thing for me. Opera is such a unique and special art form and it seemed so exciting. In May last year I had an audition for a new Glyndebourne opera called ‘Agreed’. The following month, I was delighted to find out that I had been accepted and that I was to accomplish one of my biggest dreams: to perform on a big stage to an audience filled with people who love the art form as much as I do.

While the rehearsals could be draining (especially with some of them going on until 9.30pm), and I did have to sacrifice my social life in favour of all-day Saturday rehearsals, it was always so rewarding to go home after being surrounded by so many talented singers and artists. The performances themselves, earlier this month, felt like a dream and I don’t think I’ll ever forget singing and performing on that stage. The whole experience has pushed me to continue singing with the National Youth Choir and perhaps to do more operas in the future.

Emily Gray, Year 11

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