Computer Science 'Robo Workshop'

Computer Science 'Robo Workshop'

12 March 2019

Year 9 Computer Science students spent Tuesday morning in a ‘Robo Workshop’. In the two-hour session, run by PrepareRobo, they learnt about different types of sensors, constructed their own robots from Lego Mindstorm kits and then programmed them to avoid obstacles.

The students were able to use the knowledge they had developed in coding lessons to debug and test the robots before unplugging them from the computers and letting them roam free in the classroom (and into the corridor outside!). There were a myriad of different designs and some even managed to get their robots to flash and ‘sing’ as they moved around. It was a great experience for the students to see how computer programs can be used in the real world – as one student put it ‘I wish we could do this every Tuesday’!

Mr Tom Rattle, Head of Computer Science

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