Don Quijote Workshop

Don Quijote Workshop

12 February 2019

The most influential novel written in Spanish, Don Quijote, was brought to life in a noisier-than-usual Exam Centre this week by Years 7 and 8 acting, supplying sound effects and providing audience participation (in Spanish, of course), led by visiting performer, Laura.

Laura took the lead roles of Sancho Panza and the eponymous hero and directed the girls in their enthusiastic portrayals of, among other things, windmills (or were they giants?), flocks of sheep (or were they armies?) and a barber wearing a basin on his head (or was he a knight wearing a helmet?).

Mardeners’ enjoyment of the strange world of Don Quijote was clear: there weren’t enough roles for the number of volunteers and, despite the arrival of lunchtime, the questions to Laura kept on coming (the news that Don Quijote doesn’t get to marry Dulcinea was received with much sadness).

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