8 February 2019

Girls in Years 7 and 8 have participated in BookTrust’s Bookbuzz programme once again this year.

The school pays for each student to choose a book to keep from a shortlist of 13 titles. To help them make their choice, the girls watch short videos of each author talking about their particular book and, bearing the videos in mind, the girls then visit the Library where copies of each book are displayed. After careful consideration of the genres, the physical formats and the blurbs, they make their final choice. Once the books are delivered in November each class is invited to the Library to be gifted their books and discuss why they made their particular choices.

After reading their books during the Christmas holidays, an English study is set for the girls to each write a review and present it to their class in the Library.

The Bookbuzz programme is an excellent way of encouraging students to read and consider their choice of reading matter. Feedback from our readers has been extremely positive.

‘This has to be the best book I have ever read in my life.’  Belle, Year 8 The Guggenheim Mystery by Robin Stevens

‘I really enjoyed this book and have read it about three times now!’ Charlotte, Year 7   Sky Dancer by Gill Lewis

‘Car-jacked made me realise the importance of family, friends and doing what is right even if it seems wrong.’  Mia, Year 7   Car-jacked by Ali Sparkes

Ms Amanda Owens, Library Manager

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