Duchesne Heads to Hawaii

Duchesne Heads to Hawaii

24 January 2019

Duchesne enjoyed a lovely Mass, followed by a tropical-themed evening as we ‘headed to Hawaii’ on Tuesday. Everyone was given a Lei garland to wear and we were entertained with quizzes, themed music and fun facts about Hawaii during dinner. Each table was named after a Hawaiian goddess, ranging from the Goddess of Volcanoes, to the Goddess of Lizards, to the Goddess of Fine Mist (perhaps the most Woldingham-sounding goddess!).  We also learned how to hold a basic conversation in Hawaiian! A delicious meal was provided for us by the Catering team, who also entered into the spirit of the evening, and a very good time was had by all.  Many thanks to our House Captains, Catering, Fr Gerry and the musicians for their support in running this lovely event – and, indeed, to all staff and students for their enthusiastic participation.

Na'u me ke aloha, na,

Miss Lucinda Banton, Head of Duchesne

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