Trier Christmas Market Trip

Trier Christmas Market Trip

13 December 2018

As is now a Woldingham tradition, Year 8 students of German travelled to Trier, one of Germany’s oldest cities, where they visited the Christmas market in order to practise their language skills in a real life situation. Their reflections on the trip suggest that a good time was had by all.

I enjoyed the Christmas market because I had to learn how to order things in German and it was just a very fun experience.’ Amaka

‘We drove to Trier and we stopped at Kurfürstliches Palais and I did my presentation, which went really well.’ Bella

‘We all had so much fun and I hope I can go back one day.’ Ksenia

‘I really enjoyed this trip and the Christmas market was amazing.’ Milly

‘In the market I got a rabbit phone case that I will never take off.’ Alice

It was truly a memorable experience and I will not forget it.’ Sophie

‘I did not want to leave.’ Lara

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