Hans Woyda Maths Competition

Hans Woyda Maths Competition

4 December 2018

Hans Woyda is a prestigious Maths competition for schools in the London area and our teams have gone from strength to strength this year. After losing our first round match, we had an incredibly close second round against Reigate Grammar School, with Reigate securing a 38 to 36 point victory, despite our girls winning or drawing many of the individual rounds. Our last match was against Wallington Girls School. Our girls led from the start and there was great rejoicing in the Maths office at the victorious final score of 35 to 26.

The competition is now over for this year, but Hans Woyda Club continues every Monday lunchtime in M6 to practice and prepare for next year!

First round team: Grace (Upper Sixth), Tracy (Lower Sixth), Aum (Year 11), Stephanie (Year 9)

Second round team: Alina (Upper Sixth), Megan (Lower Sixth), Luna (Year 11) Stephanie (Year 9)

Third round team: Alina (Upper Sixth), Gloria (Lower Sixth), Luna (Year 11) Stephanie (Year 9)

Mrs Ruth McKenna

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