Digby House Mass and Feast

Digby House Mass and Feast

29 November 2018

On Tuesday evening we celebrated the life of Mother Digby with Mass in the chapel, during which we were treated to performances by some of Digby's singers and a string quartet. Then it was on to Marden for a Wild West themed feast. Surrounded by wanted posters of staff, having established their cowboy names, and wearing sparkly green cowboy hats, queueing for the main course of ‘cattle rustler steak’ was enlivened with some line dancing to Achy Breaky Heart. On the tables were quizzes on Wild West slang terms (quite a few of which are in general use today) and cattle (a favourite Valley topic) and the evening ended with dancing in the aisles. A good time was had by all – YEE HAW!

Miss Margaret Andrews, Head of Digby

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