Drama and Theatre Studies Day

22 October 2018

Last Wednesday began with a two-hour practical performance workshop for our A Level Drama students. We then headed into London to see Emma Rice's brand new production 'Wise Children' at the Old Vic. This was an all-singing, all-dancing adaptation of Angela Carter's novel of the same name. It is a hugely upbeat production with an almost carnival atmosphere, telling what is at its core a very dark story. Not for the faint-hearted! After having supper on the South Bank, we walked over the river to see 'The Jungle' at The Playhouse: an immersive and extremely powerful production highlighting the ongoing plight of the Calais refugees. The pupils will be using their experiences to inform future work including writing about live theatre for their written exams, applying what they learned from the workshop to all future performance work and gaining inspiration from the two very different productions to inspire aspects of their devising.

Mrs Emma Love, Assistant Director of Drama

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