St Ives Art Trip

St Ives Art Trip

11 September 2018

Our trip to St Ives was amazing. The first thing we did when we arrived was sketch the view of the town. It was quite cold, but the Malakoff vantage point gave us beautiful views so we did not mind. We could see the textures of the houses and hear the seagulls above us.

The next day we went to Barbara Hepworth Museum where we learnt lots about her life and artwork. We made our own miniature sculptures from coloured paper which we drew and photographed in her magnificent garden. A drypoint workshop with two local artists, John Howard and Jason Lilley, followed. We sketched from different viewpoints and then returned to Jason’s studio to turn one of them into a print. Later in the day we went to Naomi Frear’s art studio where we had a look at her artwork and helped her create a painting, which was really fun. It was an action-packed first day, and we were exhausted when we returned to the hotel after a delicious dinner.

The following morning, we went to the beach and made some sand sculptures in Barbara Hepworth style, which we really enjoyed. All the time we were considering our 'frontiers' theme, writing notes and making sketches. In the afternoon we visited the Tate St Ives, where we learnt about artists such as Patrick Heron and Piet Mondrian and the principles of their art through various activities, such as simplifying a realistic painting. The amount of work on offer in the Tate was fantastic and gave us lots of new ideas.

On our last day we had to organise our sketchbooks and start to take in all that we had learnt. Come and see our exhibition later in the year to see what happened…

Sofia, Giorgia, Louise & Isla, Year 11

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