Year 7 Drama Production: The Peace Child

2 July 2018

Last Thursday, Year 7 girls treated parents and friends to a vibrant performance of 'The Peace Child', which involved every girl in the year group. As is now a tradition with the annual Year 7 show, every single girl said at least one line, all with great confidence.

Set in the far-off and fictional land of Mambica, this was the story of two opposing tribes with different lifestyles and traditions. The Sotongi and Wannakeekee tribes were separated by a river and also by generations of animosity. When a western TV crew decided to build a bridge between the two communities, the threat of war between tribes became a grave reality. Only the gift of a newborn son could bring hope and life to the land and its people.

The girls sang, danced and performed with confidence and enthusiasm. There were too many individuals to single everyone out, but particular mention must be made of India Phibbs, the Wannakeekee mother, who gave a beautiful rendition of the only solo song in the show. The girls were supported by a large backstage crew made up of older girls, who always work tirelessly to support the productions. There was also a large band comprised of girls and staff, which was led by the show's music director, Margaret Andrews. Catherine Nasskau was the overall director of 'The Peace Child', which brought a message of peace and goodwill, and was a fitting finale to the girls' first year at Woldingham.

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