Woldingham hosts local primary schools for an accelerated learning day

29 June 2018

Woldingham ran a day of extended learning for local primary school students from Godstone, St Francis’, Woodlea and St John’s schools on Wednesday. Woldingham’s Gifted and Talented Co-Ordinator, Dr Bennett, introduced the day with a debate about thought, ambiguity and intellectual challenge – all themed around the Three Little Pigs fairy tale.

The pupils then enjoyed a carousel of lessons designed to pique intellectual curiosity. Robots and slime were created in Science, culminating with a fiercely contested boat race using the pupils’ own designs. We learnt about how to add value in Business by designing plates and debated ethics in Philosophy – was Robin Hood right to steal from the rich to give to the poor? The Maths department challenged the students to work in teams to crack a coded puzzle – there was an audible hum of concentration and focus in the room. Woldingham Year 10 students stepped in to act as group leaders and mentors, building their initiative and leadership skills.

The day culminated with a dynamic and dazzling performance of The Peace Child by Year 7 students.

Headmistress Mrs Alex Hutchinson commented: “This is a wonderful community event where we get to build stronger and stronger relationships with our local primary schools. The pupils demonstrated an enthusiastic ability to think independently and enjoy intellectual challenge; this makes the day hugely enjoyable for all. I am very proud of our dedicated teachers for the expertise and planning they contributed to make this day happen. I am also delighted with our Year 10 students who stepped up to the leadership roles involved.”

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