Water Sports Trip

12 June 2018

The annual Year 8 trip to Ardingly Activity Centre went ahead on a breezy, sunny day - perfect for the water sports activities on our programme. The girls approached the day with enthusiasm and managed to impress the Centre's staff with their determination and courage as they tackled new challenges.

Dinghy sailing, kayaking, paddle boarding and windsurfing were mastered by many of the girls. They were a delight to take out of school and showed true Woldingham spirit throughout the day. They worked well supporting each other, listened when needed and helped out when asked. There was lots of laughter, especially when overbalancing on the paddle boards was followed by a dip in the cool water. The end of the day saw the girls getting very excited about ice creams and jelly snakes purchased from the café - what more could they want from a day out of school?!

Miss Annie O’Neill

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