Theatre and Fashion Design Workshop

27 June 2018

Year 9 Art students enjoyed a fantastic theatre and fashion design workshop with the fabulous Ken Walker from Chelsea, Camberwell, Wimbledon Art School. The students were introduced to a range of fashion/theatre garments and Ken discussed how each one was special and how they could take inspiration for their own designs. He demonstrated how to use a simple drawing technique to create a figure. The students got to decide how they wanted the figure to be dressed and he effortlessly made their ideas come to life. It was a hilarious experience with some outrageous ideas being put forward! The students then set to work creating their own fashion figures, using drawing, ink and collage. They were full of personality, movement and life. Ken gave great support and got them to think outside the box and take risks with their designs. The sessions were fantastic, buzzing and full of laughter. We are hugely grateful for Ken for giving his time and immense expertise and I am sure there are some students that are now thinking about fashion in the future!

Miss Lottie Reay, Head of Art

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