Year 7 French Trip

23 May 2018

On Friday 18th June at 6.30am, a group of tired eleven and twelve year olds filled the coach ready for the four-hour journey to Northern France. Despite the early start, we managed plenty of friendly chatter, and even some singing battles, on board. Our first stop was a ‘boulangerie’ (bakery), where we learned which ingredients are required to make croissants and how to cut and mould them; some of us also had a conversation in French with the baker. Then we were shown how bread was made and were allowed to play with the raw dough.

Our next visit was to a snail farm. Here we learnt about the life of a snail, held snails, and also had the opportunity to eat some which, in my opinion, were incredibly scrummy. We then travelled to our accommodation for the night, Le Château du Broutel, in a town called Rue. We had a tour of the grounds and then found our rooms, which was one of the most exciting parts of the day. After eating our supper, with a ‘tarte au chocolat’ to finish, we competed against each other in a series of fun games, during which everyone became particularly excited.

The next morning, we had a breakfast of croissants and ‘pains au chocolat’, followed by a history lesson about Le Château du Broutel. We then took a leisurely stroll into ‘Le Marché’ in Rue, where we practised speaking French whilst buying various products. Next was a trip up the ‘beffroi’ (belfry), from which we enjoyed breathtaking views. This was an extremely enjoyable trip and we would like to thank Mme Poullain for organising it.

Immy, Year 7

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