Leavers' Concert

26 April 2018

Nearby rooms had to be raided for more chairs as friends, family and staff packed the Recital Room last night for a farewell performance by our most senior musicians. Sophie, Vanessa, Felicity, Christie, Elina, Rachel and Maya treated us to the breadth of styles and the depth of talent that we have come to expect and, in return, their reception was rapturous.

Director of Music, John Hargreaves, had carefully chosen some gifts for each of the girls, including that essential of student life, a tin of baked beans. Even more thoughtful were his words of thanks and appreciation to his soon-departing students, including memories of moments when he had first spotted their talents. He also reminded them about the personal connections they had formed with fellow musicians during their time at Woldingham and assured them that music would be something that they would continue to bond with others over throughout the rest of their lives.

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