Excellent AQA Presentations

26 April 2018

This week saw three of our Mardeners complete their AQA Level 1 Project Qualification presentations, essentially a mini EPQ for which they will receive a formal qualification at the end. The topics were varied and really interesting to listen to. Katy’s subject was, As first female Prime Minister, what did Margaret Thatcher do for her country and how successful was she? Olivia chose, How has Chinese communism affected religion in China? and Bella posed the question, Is social media good for teenagers or not? After independent research and the completion of a one-thousand-word essay on these topics, the girls delivered their presentations to a small group of staff with poise, confidence and clear knowledge of their subject matter. They were able to respond eloquently and thoughtfully to questions put to them at the end, and we wish them well with their final results, which will be released in August.

Miss Charlotte Owen, Head of Marden

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