Thinking Big Speaker, Jillian Haslam

25 April 2018

Speaker, author, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Jillian Haslam, captured both the attention and imagination of her audience last night.

Jillian shared both her life story – growing up in the slums of India; successful careers in banking and motivational speaking; setting up the Remedia Trust, a non-profit organisation that provides support for the poor and needy of India – and her insights into how she achieved this. Underpinning everything, she explained, was a long-held dream to help people. A positive ‘can do’ attitude, humility and a willingness to do just about anything helped her succeed, despite her initial lack of formal qualifications (although many came later). Jillian also stressed the importance of resilience; her advice to students was that, no matter how hard something has been, always take the time to think hard and try to learn from it, which will help you pick yourself up and move on.

At the end of the talk, questions came thick and fast from students keen to know more.

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