Year 8 French Trip

16 March 2018

On Tuesday, Year 8 students who do French went on a fantastic and educational trip to the French Institute in London. When we got there, the people were all very helpful and informative. We did some fun activities and watched the trailer for a movie we would be seeing later. This was called 'Les Malheurs de Sophie', directed by Christophe Honoré. After some lunch we went to the Institute's cinema to watch the film. We were given some information about the Institute and the film, and then we got to watch it! It was in French with English subtitles, which was very helpful but still allowed you to involve yourself with the French language. The film was about a little girl who always got into a lot of mischief. When misfortune strikes, she has to mend her wild ways so as not to get into trouble. The film was very funny and quite emotional in some parts.

It was a very enjoyable day!

Katy North, Year 8

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