Fencers Out in Force

16 March 2018

This year, 11 Woldingham girls entered the Public Schools’ Fencing Championships at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre on 13th and 14th March. This is the one of largest fencing competitions in the country, with over 1,000 entries in all categories, and is fiercely competitive and of a very high standard.

Eleanor Harrison and Denise Poon fenced Foil on day one, with Eleanor reaching the top 32 and Denise the top 16. A great effort by both girls.

Nine girls fenced Epée on the second day; Nadia Akram, Jessica O’Brien, Meghan Whittingham and Charlotte Wallis were in the Junior competition (U16) and five girls were in the Mount-Haes competition (U14); Hannah Ahmed, Eleanor Harrison, Maddie Tull, Bini Jones and Ana Karas. The fencing was as tough as ever but the girls did very well through the opening rounds, better than previous years.  In the U16, Nadia made it through to the last 32 before being eliminated by the number 4 seed.

In the U14 category, Eleanor, Hannah and Bini all made it through to the last 32 places, with Eleanor going in to the top 16, but sadly beaten by the number 3 seed.

Woldingham remains firmly on the ‘map’ as a fencing school. Over 80 schools enter the three-day competition and Woldingham is one of the few to compete with over 10 fencers. Well done to all the fencers. A great effort.

Mr Niall Campbell

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