Sixth Form Ball

14 March 2018

Far from your usual Saturday, Woldingham’s Sixth Form Ball on March 10th was an evening of gorgeous gowns, luxurious meals and an array of dances, all within the beautifully-furnished venue of the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Felbridge. Upon arrival, guests were welcomed to the bar; heartfelt compliments, reunions (as many of the guests were Old Girls), and a variety of poses next to the 2018 helium balloons - which now feature on many an Instagram feed - began our evening.

 After several photographs and an exploration of the venue, we all settled down at our tables to be treated to our meals - and they did not disappoint. The options were exquisite; some girls chose a light soup for a starter, whereas others decided upon the beautifully-prepared salmon. Whatever your choices, the quality of food was consistently brilliant throughout and was an excellent accompaniment to the evening. Dinner afforded the perfect opportunity for a proper conversation with friends, away from the hustle and bustle that normally surrounds school life.

If there were any similarities between this ball and one in a Jane Austen novel, they immediately vanished once the dancing began. Girls, dates and staff clustered on the dance floor, heartily singing along to the songs played by the live band. Many decided to commemorate the evening further by means of the photo booth - enhanced by the props that had been provided, which ranged from an inflatable banana, to a bottle of champagne and a feather boa.

Ultimately, this night creates many a memory; whether it be the beautiful outfits, the jokes with your friends, or watching your teachers dance to your favourite songs, Woldingham’s Sixth Form Ball is certainly a night to remember.

 Finally, thank you so much to all those who worked tirelessly to make it the fabulous event that it was.

 Becky Connolly, Lower Sixth

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