Year 9 Day of Reflection

8 March 2018

On Monday, Year 9 students travelled to Aylesford Priory to take part in a Day of Reflection, which was organised by the Southwark Youth Services Team. The theme for the day was ‘Personal and Active Faith’, which is the Sacred Heart Goal for this academic year. The group began the day by looking at their own personal faith journey and how faith can inspire us as individuals, helping us to love and serve one another with confidence; the challenge is always to be active in faith by our words and deeds.

The students also worked in pairs and in groups, looking at their time at Woldingham, their favourite things and challenging things, their plans for the future, their hopes and aspirations, the people who are important in their lives and how faith has made an impact on their individual lives. They shared their ideas with all the year group in the words and songs which they composed together.

The thought-provoking and prayerful day concluded with the celebration of Mass, which the students prepared and organised. It was an uplifting and inspiring day, enjoyed by both students and their tutors. They returned home to Woldingham to be agents of change by ‘being the light shining in the sight of all’ (Mt5 13-16).

Fr Gerry Devlin, Chaplain

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