'Vive la France' by The Flying Theatre Company

27 February 2018

Last week, The Flying Theatre Company performed an excellent French drama at school. Years 7, 8 and 9 went to see it, along with pupils from some local prep schools. The drama, 'Vive la France', was about a man preparing for a village fete. He included lots of vocabulary that we have learnt in class, for example about the weather and food. He also performed a lot of tricks, from juggling to riding a unicycle. We also had a chance to participate, as he invited some students and teachers to help with his performance. It was very funny, and also very educational as he used lots of vocabulary and French expressions. My favourite part was when he juggled with different types of bread. First he said the name of the bread, then he asked a teacher to throw it at him. He caught it with precision, while balancing on a board on top of a roller. I also really enjoyed the part when he did the weather forecast - it was very funny as he dressed up. When he said it was snowing, he threw fake snowballs into the air, and he sprayed us with water when it was raining. Overall, this was a very enjoyable experience, and I hope there will be more events like this in the future. 

 Stephanie, Year 8

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