Young Voices

7 February 2018

We had a long drive to the O2 arena but it was worth it because when the show started it was AMAZING! We had been practising lots of song from the Young Voices 2018 music book since we started at Woldingham as new Year 7s. It wasn’t just the words we needed to know; we had to learn the dance moves as well!

Altogether there were 7,981 singers in the Young Voices choir, which included 52 Woldingham Year 7s. The children’s choir sang several songs by ourselves, but we also sang back-up for the brilliant special guests, Natalie Williams, the M4gnets and Alfie Sheard. Andy and his amazing group of dancers, Urban Strides, really brought the show alive.

Thanks to Miss Andrews and Mrs Usher for preparing us so well, and to Miss Banton, Mrs Manktelow, Miss Berndt and Mr Ross for accompanying us. And, of course, thanks to all the parents who came along to watch, dance and sing along. The children won the dance competition!

Kirsty, Year 7

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