Year 11 Day of Reflection

22 January 2018

On Monday 15th January, Year 11 travelled to Aylesford Priory to take part in their Day of Reflection; the theme of the day was ‘A journey of discovery’.

The students had the opportunity to listen, respond and reflect on different aspects of their life story to date. They worked in groups and in pairs to look at people whom they found inspiring in their lives and to think about what they could learn from them. The students also reflected on how affirming they were with others in their year group and they had the opportunity to write positive things about one another, which helped them realise the importance of doing this more often for those who are close to us. As one student remarked, ‘From time to time there arise among human beings, people who exude love as naturally as the sun gives out heat’.

The day concluded with the celebration of a Mass prepared by the students, who also composed the bidding prayers. The students shared their artwork with the assembled group, read out poems they that had composed earlier in the day and one sang a song about the love and togetherness we all shared.

It was an uplifting and inspiring day which enabled the students to share their own special experience of their time at Woldingham and is the precursor to the sixteen-week period which now takes them through to finishing their GCSE courses and preparing for study leave and exams.

I would like to thank the Friars at Aylesford and Southwark Youth Services, who organised the day, as well as Woldingham staff who came along and ensured that the day was a great success for all.

Fr Gerry Devlin, Chaplain

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