Christmas Market Trip to Germany

7 December 2017

At the end of November, Year 8 students of German travelled to Trier to visit a traditional Christmas market. Ahead of the trip we did some preparation in our lessons, learning some vocabulary that would help us talk to people at the market.

As we walked to our hotel after the flight to Luxembourg Airport, it started to snow. We all got so excited and it felt magical. In the morning we woke up really early, got changed and packed our bags quickly so we would have time to play in the snow. For breakfast we went to Oberweis, a typical Luxembourg patisserie. The pastries all looked amazing and the hot chocolate was incredible.

After the delicious breakfast, we got back on the coach and started the drive to Trier. As we arrived in Germany, the views were stunning. Before we knew it we had arrived in Trier and our first stop was a museum, where we met a really friendly lady who gave us a tour. It was very interesting, and I learnt a lot about the Roman past of the city. After the museum we went to the Christmas market. It was so beautiful and looked even better than in the photos. We could all smell the amazing food and we couldn’t wait to get inside.

Charlotte, Year 8

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