Harvest Festival Produce Donated To Purley Food Hub

27 November 2017

We held our Harvest Festival on Thursday 23rd November. All the goods donated have gone to the Purley Food Hub and Helen Harris from the Food Hub came to speak, as did one of her volunteers, Winifred Wright (Lower Sixth).

Part of Croydon Food Network, the Food Hub is servicing more clients than ever and has become a vital part of the community. That means that the volunteers are having to work even harder to increase the levels of donated goods and are therefore truly delighted at the ongoing support and the generous response from the Woldingham community.

Winifred reminded us of the diversity of the clients at Hub: people who have recently arrived in the country or the area and who have very little. People who have gradually fallen on hard times due to the loss of a job, a broken relationship or eviction from their home. Such events, singly or together, can lead to a financial crisis where some short term food support from the Food Hub makes all the difference, and really can assist these people in getting back on their feet again.

Christmas is around the corner and the goods donated by the Woldingham community will go a long way to ensuring that there are fewer empty cupboards during this season of goodwill.

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