Inter Faith Assembly

14 November 2017

On Monday 6 November we had our Inter Faith assembly in the auditorium; five students gave a personal reflection of their own individual faith - Judaism, Anglicanism, Catholicism, Pentecostalism and Islam. They spoke movingly of what their faith means to them, giving us the opportunity to learn more about these particular faiths and celebrate the rich diversity of our own school community.

Inter Faith week provides an opportunity to strengthen good working relationships at all levels and during the week we aim to increase awareness of the different faith groups who are part of our school and build on the contribution which staff and students make with our school community and beyond.

On Tuesday 7 November, Marden students gathered in the school Chapel to celebrate Mass and the theme was friendship. We took time to pray together and give thanks for the friendships which have grown and developed. As the reading from the book of Ecclesiasticus reminded us, “a faithful friend is someone beyond price, the elixir of life” (6:15-17).

During the homily we shared our ideas of friendship and the fact that we are called, like the early disciples, to be compassionate, kind, gentle and patient, we should forgive one another and be humble in serving the needs of one another (Col. 3:12-17). We left the School Chapel with a renewed commitment to being friends with one another and “treating others as you would like them to treat you” (Lk 6:27-38).

We also gathered in the school Chapel on Tuesday evening for a Mass with parents, staff and students as we took time to pray for our deceased relatives and friends. During the month of November we will pray for all our deceased relatives and friends whose names are placed upon the tree of life which is situated on the altar. Each day, as we celebrate Mass we give thanks for the life, love and good example of those we have known who have died. St Monica said to her son, St Augustine; “All I ask is that you remember me at the altar of God”. During November, we will remember our deceased family and friends at the altar in the School Chapel. Eternal rest grant onto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace.

Fr Gerard Devlin, Chaplain

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