Sixth Form Drama & Theatre Studies Trips

6 October 2017

The Sixth Form Drama and Theatre Studies students have enjoyed a variety of exciting trips this half term. On 28 September, all Sixth Form Drama students went to a King Lear Shakespeare Workshop at the Globe Theatre, followed by the opportunity to see the play in this beautiful Shakespearian theatre space. Some hardy individuals stood throughout the performance as ‘groundlings’ and found the experience of being so close to the action extremely exciting. After a very enjoyable supper on the South Bank we walked to the Duchess Theatre to see The Play that Goes Wrong, a hilariously funny and fast-paced farce about an amateur production of a murder mystery. The set was amazing and the physical skills of the actors caused much hilarity.

The following week Upper Sixth students did a research project on the theatre company Complicité at the National Theatre. Later that day, they went to London’s oldest surviving Music Hall, Wilton’s, to see an amazingly imaginative and highly creative piece by Les Enfants Terrible called The Terrible Infants - a fantastical telling of stories about very naughty and bizarre children. Through the use of music, singing, puppetry, physical skills, comedy and pathos, the audience were highly entertained by this truly memorable performance.

Mrs Lyn Mann, Director of Drama

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