Sixth Form Debating Kicks Off

27 September 2017

The first House Debate of the academic year was called to order this week by its highly able chair, Amina. The motion, "this House believes the reintroduction of women-only facilities on railways is essential", was proposed by Barat (Mo, Amani and Becky) and opposed by Digby (Amelia, Lottie and Julia). One moment the engaged audience heard an impressive array of statistics in support of the motion, the next a passionate argument that women-only carriages would be a backward step for equality.  Little wonder then that there were so many questions put to each panel ahead of their final summarisations.

At the end of the debate Head of Sixth Form, Ms Lane, thanked all participants for making this such a great start to the competition - and the audience for their excellent questions - before highlighting each team member's individual strengths. Ms Lane also provided some constructive criticism that will serve them well in future debates. And, as for the result - it was close, but Barat took the honours, with 70 points to Digby's 65.

We eagerly await the next instalment of this competition.

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