St Ives Art Trip

14 September 2017

Not only is St Ives home of the Cornish pasty, it was also a great place for Year 11 to have their art trip. It was fantastic to see everyone before we went back to school and do some art outside of the classroom. The views were breathtaking and the atmosphere of being near the sea was a great way to start a year of art. Everyone had a lot of fun - and style! Mr Lopez was rocking the 'chapeaux' hat, he was probably the most stylish of the trip!

The highlight was when we went outside to sketch whilst walking down to the beach; it was raining so every time we drew something it got washed away! We also really enjoyed the Naomi Frears workshop as she had the most incredible art studio with massive windows that looked out onto the beach. She had stacks of the most extraordinary sketchbooks that we could look through to see her thought processes when creating ideas for paintings. We also created our own painting as a class, helping her with ideas, and asking her questions. We could see how to layer paint, building it up and then wiping it back. She definitely inspired us to use new materials and find new ways of painting. That was an incredible day. It was a lovely four days in St Ives and we would for sure go back as the views were amazing and the light was perfect!

Millie, Sofia and Katie, Year 11

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