Student success in National Scientific Thinking Challenge

Student success in National Scientific Thinking Challenge

12 June 2024

Mr Paul Rickard, Head of Science

I am delighted to announce the fantastic achievements of our Year 10 students in the National Scientific Thinking Challenge, a challenging online competition, created by university academics, which tests deep thinking skills in STEM subjects.

Of our 15 students who took part, Tina F, Laura K, Kewbie L, Sophie M and Polina T earned gold awards, placing them in the top 10% of nearly 16,000 students from 245 schools who entered this year’s competition. I am also proud to report that Tess M, Evie S and Clare H secured silver awards and Lucy F a bronze award.

In a world where science is communicated increasingly frequently, and the ability to scrutinise reported science is ever more important, the ability to think scientifically is crucial. Congratulations to all of this year’s participants.

If you would like to test your scientific thinking skills, click here for the paper our students sat and here for the solutions.

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