Students’ sporting achievement, dedication and passion celebrated at annual awards

Students’ sporting achievement, dedication and passion celebrated at annual awards

23 May 2024

Mrs Caroline Treacy, Director of Sport

Woldingham celebrated sporting achievement, dedication and passion on Friday 17 May, with our annual Sports Dinner and Marden Sports Awards. Our inspiring guest speaker at both events was Olympic weightlifter Emily Campbell.

The Marden Awards, held at the end of the school day, looked back at a successful year of sport for students in Years 7 and 8, as well as recognising the achievements of teams and individuals. We introduced a new award this year - Marden Sportswoman of the Year. There were plenty of contenders, with county successes in hockey and netball, Super League franchises for netball, swimming accolades and GB water polo. However, our worthy winner was Daisy L in Year 8, whose achievements include being this year’s U13 Surrey Cross Country Champion. You can read more about Daisy and our other major award winners’ accomplishments in the full awards list below.

In our main awards evening, we celebrated and enjoyed reflecting upon the achievements and experiences of the year, including a number of sporting tours and weekends away. A highlight for many was our netball and hockey tour to Singapore and Malaysia. We look forward to announcing details of our next long-haul tour very soon.

A full list of winners, who received their awards from Emily Campbell, is shown below. Special mentions go to the following major award winners: Rosie J (Upper Sixth) - Sportswoman of the Year; Belle K (Upper Sixth) – Sports Personality of the Year; Ella K was awarded The Sacred Heart Association Cup, which recognises outstanding contribution to school sport; Milly H-C won The Castle Cup, awarded to a Sixth Former for unwavering commitment and enthusiasm. Team of the Year was presented to The Bath Cup Swim Team of Sophie V-E (Lower Sixth), Lily O (Year 11), Alice H (Year 10), Lara S (Year 10) and Zoe T (Year 8).

As the awards drew to a close, Emily Campbell talked about her incredible journey from sporty youth to two-time Olympian as Britain’s best female weightlifter. Emily’s attitude to giving things a go and a complete dismissal of fear of failure was a superb message for our sportswomen at Woldingham. We will all certainly be behind Emily this summer as she travels to Paris for her second Olympic games in search of yet another medal to add to her lengthy list of achievements.

Many congratulations to all our winners, listed below. You can also see photos from both award events in the gallery.

Sportswoman of the Year Rosie J, Upper Sixth

Rosie, who has been an exceptional leader of the first XI hockey team this year, gives 100% to everything she does in sport. This award recognises her passion and dedication, as well as her exemplary skill set. Rosie is a regular in the Women’s 2’s at Wimbledon Hockey Club and made her National League debut this year. She trains alongside GB athletes and is coached by hockey legend Alex Danson MBE, a former guest speaker at our awards dinner. Alongside all this, Rosie has found time to pass on her passion this year by coaching other students.

Sports Personality of the Year Belle K, Upper Sixth

Belle has shown excellent dedication, sportsmanship, and an outstanding attitude towards sport throughout her time at Woldingham.  She consistently gives 100% to the teams she is a part of and is a joy to have involved in sport at Woldingham.

The Sacred Heart Association Cup Ella K, Upper Sixth

Ella is an unassuming but awesome sportswoman and the ultimate team player. She has played every sport on offer at Woldingham during her seven years here. Ella is a born competitor and superb games player.

Highly Commended Amy B, Imogen D and Cara W, Upper Sixth

Amy, Immy and Cara have all made the most of what Woldingham sport has had to offer during their time here. All three students were awarded Sixth Form sport scholarships for their contribution at the highest level, having all been a part of the school’s Athlete Development Programme in younger years. They are superb sporting role models.

The Castle Cup Milly H-C, Upper Sixth

Unwaveringly committed and enthusiastic, Milly has been a superb leader and captained the 1st VII netball team to one of its most successful years. She leads by example, is passionate about her sport and is incredibly supportive of those around her.

Team of the Year The Bath Cup Swim Team

The team of Sophie V-E (Lower Sixth), Lily O (Year 11), Alice H (Year 10), Lara S (Year 10) and Zoe T (Year 8) was the first Woldingham team to be invited to compete in the prestigious Bath Cup, which was held at the Olympic Aquatic Centre. The team finished 24th and 23rd respectively in the freestyle and medley relays, ahead of some excellent competition. Mrs Cornelius, Head of Swimming, cannot wait to see what the students can achieve next year.

Marden Sportswoman of the Year Daisy L, Year 8
This year’s U13 Surrey Cross Country Champion, Daisy also won the Epsom Downs League. She ran at the South of England Championships, finishing in a superb 14th place. Now that cross country season has ended, Daisy has taken to the athletics track, competing at U15 level in the 1500m.                
Junior Cross Country Coach's Award Daisy L, Year 8
Senior Cross Country Coach's Award Fleur D-C, Upper Sixth
Lower Junior Swimming Coach's Award  Bella C, Year 7
Junior Swimming Coach's Award  Odette B, Year 8
Inter Swimming Coach's Award Abigail I, Year 9
Senior Swimming Coach's Award  Lily O, Year 11
U12A Netball Players’ Player Lila-Beau H, Year 7
U12A Netball Coach's Player Bella C, Year 7
U12B Netball Players’ Player Sarah A, Year 7
U12B Netball Coach's Player Francesca L, Year 7
U12C Netball Players’ Player Emily S, Year 7
U12C Netball Coach's Player Florie S, Year 7
U13A Netball Players’ Player Freya F, Year 8
U13A Netball Coach's Player  Delphie M, Year 8
U13B Netball Players’ Player  Evie F, Year 8
U13B Netball Coach’s Player  Lexi T, Year 8
U13C Netball Players’ Player Maya A, Year 8
U13C Netball Coach's Player  Poppy F, Year 8
U14A Netball Players’ Player Cosima L, Year 9
U14A Netball Coach's Player  Maia W, Year 9
U14B Netball Players’ Player Zina N, Year 9
U14B Netball Coach's Player  Georgina O, Year 9
U14C Netball Players’ Player Yuri C, Year 9
U14C Netball Coach's Player Ada L, Year 9
U15A Netball Players’ Player Ella A, Year 10
U15A Netball Coach's Player Ignatia W, Year 10
U15B Netball Players’ Player Katie L, Year 10
U15B Netball Coach's Player Chloe F, Year 10
U15C Netball Players’ Player Roberta Z H C, Year 10
U15C Netball Coach's Player Temidore D, Year 10
1st VII Netball Players’ Player Livvy B, Year 11
1st VII Netball Coach's Player Milly H-C, Upper Sixth
2nd VII Netball Players’ Player Freya W, Year 11
2nd VII Netball Coach's Player Freya W, Year 11
3rd VII Netball Players’ Player Toni B, Lower Sixth
3rd VII Netball Coach's Player Rosie O, Year 11
4th VII Netball Players’ Player Maisie-Grace E, Lower Sixth
4th VII Netball Coach's Player Eva Q, Year 11
U12A Hockey Players’ Player  Emily H, Year 7
U12A Hockey Coach's Player  Scarlett S, Year 7
U12B Hockey Players’ Player  Amelia R, Year 7
U12B Hockey Coach's Player  Amelia R, Year 7
U12C Hockey Players’ Player  Stella B, Year 7
U12C Hockey Coach's Player Emily S, Year 7
U13A Hockey Players’ Player  Daisy O, Year 8
U13A Hockey Coach's Player Oli D A, Year 8
U13B Hockey Players’ Player  Freya F, Year 8
U13B Hockey Coach's Player Evie F, Year 8
U13C Hockey Players’ Player  Emi O, Year 8
U13C Hockey Coach's Player Molly H, Year 8
U14A Hockey Players’ Player  Valentina B, Year 9
U14A Hockey Coach's Player Georgina O, Year 9
U14B Hockey Players’ Player  Emily L, Year 9
U14B Hockey Coach's Player Ella B-V, Year 9
U15A Hockey Players’ Player  Laura W, Year 10
U15A Hockey Coach's Player Ella A, Year 10
U15B Hockey Players’ Player  Freya H, Year 10
U15B Hockey Coach's Player Scarlett C, Year 10
1st XI Players’ Player  Niamh W, Upper Sixth
1st XI Coach's Player Anna M, Lower Sixth
2nd XI Players’ Player  Madelief v T, Upper Sixth
2nd XI Coach's Player Mima H, Upper Sixth

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